Studio Environment Policy

(Policy date: Aug. 1, 2003)

The following represent attitudes, responsibilities and appropriate behavior that are expected in design studios at University of South Florida’s School of Architecture and Community Design. It is expected that all students will adhere to the following in order to ensure the rights of all students.

  • While students spend long hours in studio and labs it is important to be aware of others and that conversations and comments towards others or about others should not be offensive or derogatory. USF does not tolerate actions or language that are abusive, prejudicial or racially demeaning to individuals or groups.

  • In the design studio use of any materials such as paint, adhesives or other materials that produce any chemical off gassing must be used outside. Exercise care in keeping paint off of sidewalks and buildings. Students will be responsible for costs in removing paint from the walls, floors, loading dock.

  • Music is a means by which some students are able to work effectively. It is also a means of irritation to others, as one person's music is not enjoyed by all. As such, the School requires that all students who wish to listen to music during the normal business hours (8:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday - Friday) must do so through the use of headphones only. Further, some studio instructors do not permit the use of headphones during studio class hours. Students need to refer to the syllabi for the requirements for each studio course. The School acknowledges that the playing of communal music that is with the use of speakers can enhance the working and learning environment. The use of speakers at a low volume is permitted during the evening and weekend hours. However, students playing such music must respect the rights of others, and must be "self-policing" with regard to both volume and content. Any reported disturbance will result in a school-wide ban (24 per day, 7 day per week) on the use of speakers for the remainder of the semester.

  • Students are free to use pin up space at their desks for important information related to courses. Also, personal information and or photographs may be placed within each students work area. However, please be aware of the content of such material. Faculty that observes material, which illustrates a derogatory, sexual or demeaning content will ask that the material be removed.

  • The custodial staff is responsible for the overall maintenance of the building. However all students should work towards keeping their work area clean and free from trash. Items such as food wrappers, soda cans etc. should be disposed of promptly.

  • Consumption of any alcohol is forbidden within the School of Architecture and Community Design, except at special events sponsored by the School. Possession/consumption of controlled substances (drugs) is forbidden.

  • Seminar rooms located adjacent to the studios are intended to be places for group work and interaction. Clean up these spaces after you use them. Do not cut on the tables.

  • Respect other students’ work areas and equipment. Do not borrow other students’ books and supplies, and do not disturb other students’ materials and equipment.

  • No pets are allowed in the building, or in the immediate vicinity. It is assumed that all students within the School are here for the pursuit of knowledge and a desire to learn the profession of architecture. Adherence to the above will facilitate overall access and opportunity for success in the school. Please refer also to the Graduate and Undergraduate Catalogs for Academic and Conduct Policies.